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Milwaukee Job 2012

Hi Bruce,
A belated thank you for all your help with our bathroom rebuild. I deeply appreciate all your efforts, Mickey & Greg's too. What might have been just another nightmare turned out to be a pretty safe experience. You could not have been more understanding. You and your staff are the ultimate professionals.

Thank you,
Brenda Beaumier

(client with extream chemical sensativity.)

Wauwatosa Job 2010

Dear Bruce,

How can I (we) thank you for all of your efforts and concern for our remodel.
I realize it is your job, but you go beyond the call of duty to ensure perfection and, more importantly to me, peace of mind.
I am so confident in your ability to handle anything and so impressed with your willingness to "give the lady what she wants" so to speak.
I feel comfortable talking with you and you always handle my questions / concerns with the utmost professionalism; no matter how nane the question or hair brained the idea!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping make our dream a reality.
I'm so happy we chose you to take this journey with !

Brumder Mansion

After completing one very successful home restoration with Elliott Builders I felt confident taking on the formidable project of restoring the Brumder Mansion.
We started with a home that was totally uninhabitable. It had a hideous kitchen, badly damaged walls and floors and a cold "commercial" look to it. Thanks to Bruce Hartley and Elliott Builders this vacant house has been transformed into the home, bed and breakfast and theather of my dreams!

Exterior Restoration of a commodious 1894 Queen Anne-style home


I would like to thank you for the rehabilitation of the exterior finish and trim of my home. Your work is superior in quality. The porch is fantastic and I think it will even look better painted.
The kitchen and bath rooms are really coming together. The tile is great.
Your suggestions made the differance.
I am looking forward working with you on the rest of the interior.
Thanks again.
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